Sound for Computer | How To Fix Sound for Computer

After formatting a PC, sometimes the sound for computer is not there. If the audio device of the computer is not working properly, you have to face lots of problems. There are many such cases where due to some problems; the sound for computer is not present. Here, there are some simple solutions that will save your repair charges. This article is all about some of the easy steps that can return your sound for computer.

Some of the basic steps to fix the sound for computer are-

1) First check that you have properly plugged in your speakers and have turned it on. Sometimes it may happen that everything is alright and you have muted your speaker.
2) If the speaker is not working, then connect the speakers to another computer. If it is working there, your computer has some problem and if not, the problem is with your speakers. Then proceed to the third step.
3) If the problem is with your speakers, then you have to check for your audio drivers. First of all go to the “start menu”, right click on it and then go to “Explore” option. There will be a “My Computer” icon, right click it and then select “Properties”. Then go to the “Hardware Tab” and then click on “Device Manager”.
4) After that expand “Sounds, video” option. Then search for the sound card installed in your PC. If there will be any error in your audio driver, there will be an exclamation mark (!) and you can identify the error.
5) In the name of your sound card, double click it. A new window will be opened. Then go to the “Drivers” tab. If you cannot find a drivers tab, you have chosen the wrong audio device. Then just go back and see again for the correct audio device. In the “Drivers tab”, select “Drivers update”. Then there will be some instructions form the wizard. Just follow the instructions and update your driver.
6) If the driver in your computer is most recent type, then uninstall it and restart the computer. On restarting, the driver will get automatically reinstalled.
7) If the problem still persists, check the “Windows Troubleshooter”. There is a troubleshooting option in the drivers tab mentioned above. Just click on the option and then follow the simple instructions of the onscreen wizard.

These are some of the easy steps that will return your sound for computer and you can enjoy.