Repair Acrobat Reader | How To Repair Acrobat Reader

Adobe systems have introduced a series of application softwares. Acrobat reader is an introduction of these acrobat systems and is used to view, manipulate, build, print and administer the files in the Portable Document Format that is the PDF. Acrobat reader is now called as the Adobe reader. The Acrobat reader is not commercial software as the various other softwares of the adobe systems, it is rather a freeware. From the adobe’s website, this reader can be downloaded by any user. By the help of the acrobat reader, the PDF files can be easily viewed and printed but the constraint is that, it cannot create the PDF files. This article is all about repair acrobat reader.

The operating systems of Microsoft and Apple allow all the users to read the PDF files with the help of the acrobat reader. This reader comes with various features and is advantageous. The most exciting feature of the acrobat reader is that, it can be used to create some uneditable text files in the PDF format. This reader also allows the users to create some forms. These forms can be used by the applicants to fill all the necessary information’s and also print or email these forms.

Sometimes the acrobat reader in your PC might encounter some problems and to solve these problems, you need the repair acrobat reader. All the versions of the acrobat reader contain a “repair” feature. When you download the acrobat reader in your PC, this repair feature gets automatically downloaded and if it encounters some problem in the reader, then it gets automatically reinstalled and fixes the error.

Repair acrobat reader is required when some error occurs. Repair acrobat reader is quite easy and can be done by any naïve user. There are some steps to follow. These steps are-

1) First of all, click the start button and then click the control panel. By this, control panel will be opened.
2) In Windows XP, then click on “Add or Remove Programs”. In Windows vista, click on “Programs and Features”.
3) Then click on the “Adobe Reader” or “Acrobat”. By doing this, the application will be selected. After this, click on “Uninstall/Change” option. But you should not uninstall the application.
4) After that click on “Next”, “Repair”. Then again click on “Next” and then “Install”. By doing this, it will automatically repair acrobat reader.
5) When the process gets completed, click on “Finish”. After that, restart the computer.

By following these easy steps, you can easily repair acrobat reader.