PC Adviser 101 – Retired PC technician

Previously having made ends meet by fixing computers professionally, the owners of PC Adviser 101 made this web page to try and help save you from having to take your PC to the shop. Want to avoid a $100 repair bill (or worse yet, a $1000 bill for a new PC)? Chances are the product recommendations and resources on this page can help you!

True product recommendations only

The PC Adviser 101 techs only recommend products that they’ve used themselves. If you choose to buy software that’s listed on PC Adviser 101’s website, the owners of PC Adviser 101 make a commission from your purchase – but unlike other product recommendation pages, the owners of PC Adviser 101 actually bother to use the product themselves. Speaking from experience makes all the difference.

Help us improve…please!

We are always aim to improve, please send us your notes comments and suggestions and we will do our best to improve.

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