554 Error | How To Fix 554 Error

554 errors is a SMTP error. SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. It is an internet standard generally for the electronic mails. It is used for the transmission of the internet protocols across the IP networks. If the transactions fail, then generally it returns 554 errors. If the SMTP transaction gets failed, then generally a generic response is returned from the server side indicating 554 errors. If there are numerous errors during the processing, then this type of generic response is returned by the server. This article is all about the 554 errors and the ways to fix it.

If the email account you are using is not authenticated in the Ad host’s mail server and you are using the non-authenticated account to send the Ad host emails, then 554 errors occur. Through the pop account, the mail server authenticates the account. When the user checks the email, then with the help of the pop user and password, the mail server authenticates the user’s account. There is a relay list of IPs, so when the user checks the emails, the mail server catches that IP and then adds to the relay list. The relay list of the mail server is deleted in every 70 minutes. So if the relay list gets deleted and after that you are trying to send the emails, then 554 errors will come.

How to fix 554 errors-

1) The user has to re-authenticate. For this, the users have to follow some easy steps-
• From outbox; the users have to delete all the mails. If the messages are important, then the messages can be saved in the draft.
• After that just click on “send/Receive”. After doing this, you will be re-authenticated.
• After that, you can send the emails.
2) Before sending the emails, you have to configure the email client so that you can check the emails.
• First go to “Tools” in the Outlook and then to “Email Accounts”. After that just check “View or change existing email accounts”. After that click “Next”.
• After that form the list, just check your account and then click “change”.
• After that select “More settings”.
• Then go to the “Outgoing Server”.
• After that check “My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication”.
• Then select “Log on to incoming mail server before sending mail”.
• After that click on “OK” and then click “Next” and then “finish”.

These are the easy steps that will resolve 554 errors.

0x800ccc0d Error | How To Fix 0x800ccc0d Error

0x800ccc0d error is a Microsoft Outlook error that occurs during sending or receiving the emails in the Microsoft Outlook. If the Outlook is unable to determine that the computer is in connection with the internet, then 0x800ccc0d error occurs. It also occurs if there is an unwanted program that blocks the access of the Outlook to the internet. All the versions of outlook are susceptible to 0x800ccc0d error and the error code is similar for all the versions. Microsoft Outlook Express also shows 0x800ccc0d error. This article is all about 0x800ccc0d error and the steps to fix it.

How to fix 0x800ccc0d error-

• First you have to verify that an internet connection is present or not. Without the presence of a connection, outlook cannot connect to the servers. To check the presence of an internet connection, open a browser and open the google. If you are able to open google, then send a test email. If you are able to send the email, then you are connected to the internet and if not, then an error message will come. Follow the next step if error comes.

• You have to check your login details of the account. This error can also come if your account login details are incorrect. To solve this problem,

a) First go to Start and then click on Run.
b) In the box, type “Control Panel”.
c) Double click on the mail if you have the classic view.
d) Click on “switch to classic view” if there is category view and then double click on the mail.
e) Then click on “show profiles” in the mail setup dialog box.
f) There will come “when starting Microsoft Office Outlook”. Go to “use this profile” and then click on “prompt” and then “add”.
g) Then type a suitable profile name in “Profile Name” option. Then click OK.
h) There will appear a dialog box called “E-mail Accounts”. Jus click on add a new email account. Then click on next.
i) After that click on the appropriate server type and then click on next.
j) Type the login details in the boxes and then click on next.
k) After that click “Finish’ and then click on OK.

After following these steps, a new account will be created successfully. Then again send a trial email to yourself. You will be able to send the email successfully.

0x800ccc90 Error | How To Fix 0x800ccc90 Error

Sometimes on trying to sign in to the Microsoft Exchange Server with the Outlook Express with the help of the Secure Password Authentication, some error messages come. That outlook error message is 0x800ccc90 error. 0x800ccc90 error is a registry problem faced by our computer when we try to log on to the Outlook Express and send emails. This article is all about the 0x800ccc90 error and the tips to fix it.

Cause of 0x800ccc90 error-

There are several causes of this error to occur. It might occur if the client of Outlook Express POP3 is unable to access your mailbox. This may happen if your mailbox does not exist. It can also occur if there is another customer in the Exchange Server Organization of the same name as yours. Due to the same name, the Exchange Server might be accessing the mailbox of the customer instead of yours.

Fixing 0x800ccc90 error

0x800ccc90 error can be fixed very easily by following some simple steps. You have to clear Text in the Outlook Express. In the servers tab, there is a “log on using” option. There you can go and clear text. There are easy steps for doing this-

• Click on the “Accounts” option in the Tools menu. After clicking it, there will be various tabs.
• Just select one listed mail account. Then go to the “Properties” option. After that go to the servers tab and then the “log on using” option.
• After that go to the Clear Text option.

After the Clear Text, if the problem is resolved, that means you were accessing a non-existent mailbox. Also you may be using a wrong mailbox. If the problem is still there, that means the administrator have to check the problem and delete the customer recipient.

With the help of the registry repair software, the 0x800ccc90 error can also be solved. It is very easy to solve the particular error with this software. It is quite risky to repair the 0x800ccc90 error with your own. By doing this you may damage or remove the registry. Removal of the registry can cause rigorous damages to the computer. You have to clean the registry properly and delete all the unwanted information’s. Cleaning of the incomplete information’s will stop the 0x800ccc90 error to occur again. Just scan your computer with the help of registry repair software. This software will detect all the registry problems and will remove them.