Usb Problem | How To Fix Usb Problem

Universal Serial Bus (USB) is a port on each computer that is used to set up the communication between the external devices and the computer. It is a very important port that can serve various purposes. This extremely helpful specification was developed by Ajay Bhatt. He was working for Intel. The USB can be used to substitute different parallel and series ports. One USB can provide various functions of both the series and the parallel ports. With the help of USB, various external devices such as keyboards, mouse, printers, media players, digital cameras, flash drives, pen drives and hard drives can be connected to a PC. Ajay Bhatt developed the USB especially for the PCs. But it is so useful that now it is used in PDAs, smart phones, Power cord and video game consoles.

Sometimes the computer encounters some problems and the USB does not work properly. Here are some common problems and the solutions.

1) Sometimes a pen drive or I-pod is not detected by the computer- Bad registry settings can lead to such kind of situations and can be solved by fixing up the registry.
2) USB Mass storage device or a pen-drive disabled at some schools or colleges- If this problem occurs, you can go the regedit option and then install the USB Mass storage drivers.
3) Sometimes while removing a pen-drive, error occurs- The common error while removing a pen-drive is “The Generic volume cannot be stopped right now”. To solve this problem, close all the files and applications running in your computer that is present in the pen-drive.
4) There may be virus in the pen drive. To protect your computer, scan your pen drive with a good and authenticated antivirus and then open the pen-drive. It will not affect your computer.
5) Sometimes the USB drive is detected but the computer does not show it- If this problem occurs, then go to the start button and then click on the run option. Then type compmgmt.msc. After that click OK. Just click on the Disk Management that appears in the console tree. After that the window of disk management will appear. An option will be there saying portable drive. You have to right click on the portable drive. After that click on change drive letter and paths. After this, assign a new drive letter. After assigning, the computer will definitely show the portable drive.

These are some of the common USB problems and the solutions to them.