Sound Fix | How To Fix Sound

There are numerous cases when there is some problem with the sound of our PC. Microsoft support can clear out the common problems and fix the sound. When the computer does not plays the sound, Microsoft support automatically identifies the problem and fixes it. The common sound fix are-

• It corrects the audio services in your computer.
• Sometimes the audio device might be turned off or disabled in the windows, it checks for it.
• Also checks that the audio device is muted or not.
• If the volume of the audio device is set low, then it increases it.
• If the audio device in your computer is not set as default, there can be sound problem. It fixes this error.
• Sometimes the audio device might be plugged in; it checks it and fixes the error.

These are some of the common problems with the audio device that is automatically fixed by the Microsoft support. The working for sound fix is quite easy. The automated troubleshooting services offered by the Microsoft first scans the computer thoroughly and then analyze the problems and automatically fix it.

Sometimes after formatting the PC, the audio device has some problem and the sound is not clear. In this case, the efficient sound fix techniques are-

• First go to the start option and then the control panel, then administrative tools, then component services and finally services. Go to the “Windows Audio” option and then enable it. The sound problem will be solved.
• If by doing this, the sound problem is still there, then the sound fix can be done by restarting the computer. While loading, press the F2 option and the BIOS menu will be opened.
• Then go to option of “Integrated devices” and press enter. Just check the sound option is on or off. If it is off, press the space bar to make it ON.
• After that press the ESC button and then again ESC. Press enter in the save and exit option.
• Again go to control panel, then sound option and check whether the sound is back or not.
• After following these steps, if sound problem is still there. Then go to the PC manufacturer’s website and download the basic audio driver.
• After downloading, install it properly and then restart your computer.
• After restarting, again check the sound option in the control panel. All the sound problems will be solved.

These are the common steps for sound fix and all the problems with the audio devices will be solved.