0x800c0133 Error | How To Fix 0x800c0133

0x800c0133 error is an outlook or WM E-mail client error. Sometimes in Microsoft outlook, 0x800c0133 error comes. When this particular error comes, you might have the misconception that this error is due to your ISP or the web host. But the fact is that this is not ISP or web host fault but it is due to your fault. The problem is because you have too many emails in your inbox. But you can fix this error by some simple instructions. This article is all about the solutions to 0x800c0133 error.

Some solutions to 0x800c0133 error are as follows-

1) If you have exceeded 2500 emails in a specific folder, this error comes. It also depends upon the sizes of the file attachments. The simple solution is to delete the unimportant mails. But before deleting or compacting emails, you should create a back up of al your emails in the outlook so that there is no loss of important data.
2) You can also make a new folder and transfer some of the mails to it. This can fix the error. But if you don’t have time to move mails from one folder to another, then you can simply follow these steps-

• First of all create a new folder. The first emails that you want to move, single left click it.
• After that, hold the shift key.
• Then go to the last mail that you want to move and single left click it. Just hold the shift key.
• Now you have all the selected mails that you want to move. Just hold the single left click on any of the selected mails and “Drag” all the selected mails to the new folder.
• After that, release the left click and the shift button.
• All the selected mails have been moved to the new folder.

3) You can also get rid of the 0x800c0133 error by reducing the sizes all the mails. At the top of the outlook, there is a “Tools” tab. Click it and go to “options”. After that click on the “Maintenance” option and then click on “Compact Messages”.

If any of the mail is formatted incorrectly or there are excess emails, then 0x800c0133 error is most likely to occur. These are some of the easy steps that will help you to fix 0x800c0133 error. All these steps are very easy and you can simply follow it and fix the error.